Hellenic Dancers

Youth Dance Troupes

The Assumption Greek Orthodox Church is proud to have three Youth Greek dance troupes, Armonia (harmony), Neo Kyma (new wave) and Ta Paidakia (the kids) who are always excited to share the beauty of our culture.


Armonia- traditional costume from the Island of Crete.

Neo Kyma- traditional costume from northern region of Epirus.

Ta Paidakia- traditional Amalia costume. The boys are wearing a traditional Dodecanese Island costume.


Our young people perform dances from Thrace, Ikaria, Corfu, Crete, Macedonia, & neighboring islands.


Kyklos Hellenic Folklore Ensemble

  Founded in 1982 by Dean Bellos. This group continues to perform traditional dances as they are performed in the villages of Greece today.


  The men are wearing costumes from Thrace located in the northern region of Greece. The women are wearing costumes from Thrace and the Island of Karpanthos, Greece.


Kyklos performs dances from Thrace, Naxos, Macedonia, Zakynthos, & Crete.

For more information about the Hellenic Dancers, please contact one of our directors:

~Stella Afentoullis, Director Kyklos & Armonia, (314) 651-5424, stelladeros@hotmail.com

~Aliki Malek, Director, Neo Kyma & Ta Paidakia, (314) 249-6045, allysonmalek@hotmail.com

Our website photo gallery is currently not available, but you can view our photos directly at https://www.flickr.com/photos/